Home of late Göbeklitepe’s researchers burgled

The house of the deceased German professor Klaus Schmidt, known for researching the Neolithic sanctuary site at Göbeklitepe, Turkey, is reported to have been burgled. The house is located in Kadıoğlu, Şanlıurfa province of Turkey.

Professor Klaus Schmidt at Göbeklitepe (by Hurriyet Daily News)

The house has been reported as burgled by the widow of the researcher, Çiğdem Köksal Schmidt, who lives in Germany and planned to visit Şanlıurfa. Lady Schmidt shared through social media that she intended to trace her and her husbands life again after three years that passed since Schmidt’s death. The house is said to have been robbed completely, with seven air conditioners, beds, blankets, papers removed. Professor Schmidt died at the age of 61, suffering a fatal heart attack while swimming in Germany. He had been working at Göbeklitepe for 20 years, conducting archaeological investigation for the German Archaeology Institute. Through his work he managed to prove that the Neolithic site contained a structure believed to be world’s oldest temple.

(after Hurriyet Daily News)

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