Neolithic and Chalcolithic tools found in Eastern India

Researchers discovered 4500-year-old stone tools at various sites in the Khurda district, Odisha state, East India.

The Chalcolithic tools (by The Asian Age)

The artefacts were discovered at the sites of  Mukundaprasad, Balukeswar, Moulibandh and Dianparbati. Among the finds are flints, tiny tools, plain pottery and stone fragments. According to the researchers stone fragments of different colours found from Balukeswar indicated the existence of a Chalcolithic culture, which is at least 4500 years old, meanwhile the  tiny flint tools can be regarded as the items of Stone Age, the plain pottery and rope-mark pottery vessels  discovered from the site are of the Neolithic. The pottery fragments of red and brown colour are said to date back to the Chalcolithic.

(after The Asian Age)

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