Ottoman-era well and reservoir found in Israel

Archaeologists unearthed a sophisticated Ottoman-era water well and reservoir near Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.

Inside the reservoir (by Michal Haber)

The structures were unearthed by archaeologists conducting excavation near Ramat Beit Shemesh, outside of Jerusalem. The structures are said to have been located long the ancient artery to provide water for inhabitants of the numerous villages located adjacent to it. The well is 3.5 meters deep, and is connected to a reservoir of ground water featuring a vaulted ceiling. According to archaeologists, the well is one of several that have been documented over the years along Route 38. Archaeologists believe these structures and their sophisticated engineering methods were carried out at various times over generations in order to prevent dehydration and to meet the needs of the people on the road, and those who lived alongside them.

The Ottoman-era well (by Assaf Perez)

(after The Jerusalem Post, Michal Haber & Assaf Perez)

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