Trove of bronze jewellery found by a metal detectorist

A Prehistoric trove of bronze jewellery, dated to between 900-650 BC, was discovered by a metal detectorist conducting a search in ranks of a local exploration society.

Bronze artefacts (by Stowarzyszenie Historyczo-Badawcze „Galea” z Susza)

The individual who discovered the artefacts was a member of the “Galea” society from Susz, North-western Poland, and was conducting his search after gaining a permit from the local heritage office. The trove of artefacts was found in the vicinity of the Lubnowy Wielkie village. He immediately informed the heritage office and archaeologists managed to secure and document the find.

The artefacts on display (by Stowarzyszenie Historyczo-Badawcze „Galea” z Susza)

The trove consists of a breastplate, one cuff bracelet, two band bracelets and a binocular pendant. Archaeologists link the artefacts with activities of the local Lusatian culture society inhabiting the area during Late Bronze Age, between 900-650 BC. According to the experts, the decorated breastplate is the most interesting piece of the trove, as its ornamentation resembles artefacts known from Pomerania and the habitation zone of the Nordic Bronze Age cultures of southern Scandinavia and North Germany.

Members of the “Galea” society (by Stowarzyszenie Historyczo-Badawcze „Galea” z Susza)

(after Info Iława & Stowarzyszenie Historyczo-Badawcze „Galea” z Susza)

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