Victims of communist regime found still holding hands

Archaeologists of the Polish Institute of National Remembrance (Instytut Pamięci Narodowej) uncovered a grave containing skeletons of three victims of the communist regime at the Łączka site of Powązki Military Cemetery in Warsaw. Two of the three victims were found holding hands.

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Archaeologists managed to unearth a mass grave and document the remains of three individuals within it. According to the researchers, this is an unprecedented find as complete skeletons are rarely found at the site, which was overbuild in the 1980s by graves, causing destruction of many older remains. Two of the unearthed individuals recently found were discovered holding hands. It is possible that they were either murdered while holding them or died doing so in the transport to the burial site. One of the individuals has been murdered by a shot to the back of the skull from short range.

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The Institute of National Remembrance is still looking for remains of individuals murdered by the communist regime and hidden at the military cemetery. It is estimated that between 1948-56 hundreds of individuals were buried here, mostly soldiers fighting against the Soviet occupation. So far remains of around 200 individuals were unearthed.

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The researchers are still looking for the remains of known individuals such as general August Emil Fieldorf, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Home Army (Armia Krajowa), Witold Pilecki, the founder of the Secret Polish Army (Tajna Armia Polska) a resistance group in German-occupied Poland and later a member of the underground Home Army, and Łukasz Ciepliński, a Polish soldier who fought in the Polish anti-Nazi and anti-communist resistance movements.

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