Wrecks of two soviet submarines found in Baltic Sea

Wrecks of soviet Sch-320 and Sch-406 submarines of the Shchuka class were discovered in Baltic Sea’s Gulf of Finland by divers searching for sunken WW2 vessels.

Submarine at the Baltic Sea (by Ivan Borovikov)

The submarine soviet Shchuka class bears the name Akula class in NATO code for military equipment. Relatively much information is known about the submarines.  The Sch-320 was captained by Ivan Makarovich Vishnevsky and Sch-406 by captain Eugeny Yakovlevich Osipov. Both vessels sunk while forcing a German mine barrier and rest on the seabed at a distance of 500 metres apart.

Investigation of the wreckage (by Ivan Borovikov)

Divers investigating the Shch-406 noticed that it was damaged at the front, right side of the hull. The larger portion of the hole is buried in the sea floor and is invisible at the moment. The crew survived the hit and managed to escape. The main hatch was found open while the escape one only half-open.

Details of a submarine (by Ivan Borovikov)

The other vessel, the Shch-320 was damaged on the front part of the hull near the 1st and 2nd compartment. Near the wreckage parts of German sea mines and one whole, intact mine were found. Part of the crew survived the explosion as a torpedo found in one of the compartments seems to have been attempted to be pushed out – unfortunately it jammed and trapped some of the crewmen.

Diver by a German sea mine (by Ivan Borovikov)
Investigation of one of the submarines (by Ivan Borovikov)
Divers at the submarine (by Ivan Borovikov)

(after Ivan Borovikov & Divers24)

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