WW1 rifle fished out from river

A fisherman recovered a Mauser rifle from the Dunajec river in the area of Ostrów, South-eastern Poland.

The Mauser rifle (by Tarnów.in)

The man noticed the rifle while fishing. The weapon was wrapped in a cloth and resting at the bottom of the river right by the shore. Despite being submerged in the water its metal and wooden elements are well preserved, despite slight signs of corrosion.

Teh rifle (by Tarnów.in)

The weapon was handed over to the local Police station and the officers are now trying to determine whether it was used recently and how it got at the place of discovery. The rifle was dated to the times of World War 1, and after forensic analysis will be transferred to a museum.

Details of the rifle (by Tarnów.in)

(after Tarnów.in)

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