Collection of jewellery discovered in Crusader fortress

Archaeologists discovered a trove of 900-year-old rings, bracelets, earrings and hairpins while excavating the kitchen of a Crusader fortress tower at at Givat Tittora, central Israel.

Jewellery found at the site (by Israel Antiquities Authority)

The site is located at a hill and previous excavations revealed it was occupied since the Chalcolithic period (c. 6000 years ago) up to the modern era. During the Middle Ages a Crusader fortress was built here. Archaeologists excavated an area where the fortress’s occupants prepared their meals 900 years ago. It is here that they found numerous pieces of jewellery, some made of bronze and silver.

Excavations at Givat Tittora (by Israel Antiquities Authority)

Many metal finds were discovered throughout the entire site, including coins, rings, bracelets and cosmetic tools. Among other finds were also ancient clay ovens called “tabuns“, cooking pots, jars, serving dishes, and a table were discovered in the ancient kitchen, as well as numerous remains of food such as olive pits, pulses, charred grape pips, and animal bones.

Archaeologists at work at the site (by Israel Antiquities Authority)

(after Israel Antiquities Authority, Jewish Press & Arutz Sheva)

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