Face of ancient Moche high priestess recreated in 3D

Researchers reconstructed the Lady of Cao, a high priestess of the Moche civilisation, who was buried 1700 years ago.

The reconstruction of Lady of Cao (at Reuters)

Scientists have reconstructed the mummified remains using 3D technology. The remains of the high priestess were discovered in 2005. Her mummified body was found buried with  weapons and gold objects. Archaeologists believe the Lady of Cao died in her 20s due to complications of childbirth but otherwise lived a healthy life. Her arms and legs were covered with tattoos of snakes, spiders and other supernatural motifs. Discovered near her funerary bundle was a strangled adolescent, who might have been a sacrifice to guide her into the afterlife. The facial reconstruction was made on the Lady of Cao’s skull structure and ethnographic research and took 10 months to create. The result portrays an oval-shaped face with high cheekbones on display under a golden crown.

Remains of the Lady of Cao (by El Brujo)

The ancient Moche society, which occupied the Chicama Valley from about 100 to 700 AD. On the course of recent years several Moche female mummies have been found since in graves with objects denoting a high political and religious standing. The Moche built irrigation canals to grow crops in the desert and were known for their ceramics and goldwork that have been looted from their gravesites.

Lady of Cao (by El Brujo)

(after Reuters, Brisbane Times & El Brujo)

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