Facial reconstruction of a 4500-year-old man

Archaeologists reconstructed the face of a man who died 4500 years ago in England and whose remains were found in the 1930s and 1980s at a burial mound called Liff’s Low bowl barrow in Derbyshire.

Reconstruction of the man’s face (by Face Lab & Liverpool John Moores University)

The man’s remains were found with a beaker vessel and a stone pendant likely worn as a necklace. The individual was about 1.7 metres tall and died being between 25-30 years old. He has suffered a fracture in his left elbow that had healed poorly. His face was reconstructed with mix of technology, including an Artec 3D scanner. First the bones of his skull were scanned, and as not all bones survived the team had to estimate the appearance section of the man’s face using the data they had. The reconstruction has a portion blurred so that the viewers would know which part of the man’s face had been estimated.

3D model of the skull (by Face Lab & Liverpool John Moores University)

(after Live Science, Face Lab & Liverpool John Moores University)

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