Glass bracelets discovered at necropolis by Plovdiv’s Small Basilica

Archaeologists investigated the recently discovered necropolis by the Small Basilica in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, managed to find various artefacts in the graves dated to between 11th-14th centuries, including very well preserved bracelets.

The recently discovered glass bracelets (by Podtepeto)

The Small Basilica in Plovdiv was built in the second half of the fifth century AD. The area of the necropolis is estimated to cover around 200 square metres by the building. The burial site was discovered about two weeks ago, while the Basilica was discovered in 1980s. According to archaeologists the use of the site varied in the centuries long past – at one point, it was a cemetery, and at another, a residential neighbourhood. Beside the graves, the researchers discovered remains of a very large stone building, possibly of significant importance.The necropolis was enclosed by a wall which was found running through the middle of the site. So far the findings, including coins, have helped to date the former cemetery to Medieval times.

One of the graves at the necropolis (by Podtepeto)

(after The Sofia Globe & Podtepeto)

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