Oldest metal idol of a Hindu philosopher found in a temple

The idol of Madhvacharya (or Madhva Acharya) a Hindu philosopher living between 1238–1317 was discovered in the collection of the Sri Jaladurga temple in a village in Karkala, South India.

The Madhavacharya idol (by Deccan Chronicle)

The artefact made of bronze measures around 12 centimetres in height and depict the philosopher seated on a pedestal. The idol is one of many in the collection of the Sri Jaladurga temple. The idol was identified on the basis of the features showing it was a great saint. The idol is holding his right hand in a chinmudra position, while its left one is placed on the right foot. In some of his works, Madhvacharya proclaimed himself to be an avatar of Vayu, the son of god Vishnu.

(after Deccan Chronicle & T. Murugeshi)

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