Parthian graves unearthed in North-west Iran

Parthian-era graves have been discovered by archaeologists at the site of Tappeh Silveh 2, near Sarbaz in West Azerbaijan province, North-west Iran.

Excavations at the site (by Islamic Republic News Agency)

The numerous graves were discovered among architectural remains dating back to the Parthian era. According to the researchers, the site holds valuable works from the Iron Age and architecture of the Historic era up to the vast cemetery dating back to the Middle Islamic centuries. The oldest discovered artefacts are said to date back to the Bronze Age. The settlement is encompassed by walls measuring up to three metres in thickness, dating back to the Iron Age and the Historic period. Sun-dried mud brick architectural remains, with clay flooring made with bricks measuring 45 by 45 centimetres, discovered at the site are said to resemble samples which were discovered at another site called Tappeh Hassanlu.

(after Islamic Republic News Agency)

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