Treasure of Roman coins discovered at mining site

A trove of around 50 gold and silver ancient Roman coins were discovered at a mining site in Huelva, South Spain.

Part of the trove of coins found at the site (by Atalaya Mining)

The discovery was made at a site that has already been identified as an area rich in Roman artefacts. The experts believe that the discovery has incalculable value and is a milestone in the archaeological knowledge about the region. The trove dated to 2nd century AD, minted during reign of Emperors Nero and Trajan. Researchers believe that the finding may be associated with the mining operations of the Roman Empire in Rio Tinto, a great mine operating in the area, and the ancient city of Urium, on the site of the modern city of Huelva. The coins were found grouped together because they would probably have been held in a leather purse.

(after The Local, Huelva Informacion & Atalaya Mining)

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