Accidental discovery of an airplane’s wing part

A family spending the summer at the Baltic shore, discovered a part from an airplane at the beach near Podczele, Northern Poland.

The finders with the part (by Kurier Szczeciński)

The large part of an airplane was discovered by a man walking along the beach with his son and dog. Upon the discovery they informed the local Muzeum Oręża Polskiego (Museum of Polish Arms) in Kołobrzeg. The institution sent its team of specialists who unearthed the metal element and initially identified it as a part of an airplane wing. The artefact might be connected with the history of the area, as Podczele was originally created as a garrison town for the nearby Polish military airport, which was later used by German Luftwaffe until the end of World War 2 and German occupation of Poland. Afterwards, the area was militarised by the Russian Red Army.

(after Kurier Szczeciński)

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