Brewery wall unearthed during shopping centre construction

Construction workers preparing the site of the future shopping centre at Plac Kopernika (Copernicus Square), Opole, South-western Poland, unearthed a part of a 19th-century wall of a brewery.

Excavations at the site (by Dżacheć)

The discovery was made as the current heating system pipes were being replaced due to the future construction. These are only initial works that will be followed by the main construction effort later this year. The trench in which the remains were discovered was dug with a mechanical digger. Future works with use of heavy equipment are said to reach the depth of 2-2.5 metres as below that a limestone bedrock is located. The construction of the shopping centre is said to involve creation of an underground parking space and revitalisation of the are of the Copernicus Square.

(after 24Opole & Dżacheć)

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