Bronze-age tombs shed light on Prehistoric trade routes

Archaeologists believe that nine tombs dated to the Bronze Age, which were recently discovered near Carlomanesti, eastern Romanian region of Buzau, provide valuable information about ancient trade between Eastern and Western Europe. 

Bronze Age tomb (by Institutul National al Patrimoniului)

The graves were discovered at a site known for being a city built during the North Thracian Dacian era, long before the Roman conquest. The recently discovered tombs contained bronze hair jewellery, bracelets, necklaces, and also ceramic vessels that are unique for Bronze Age Romania and for their excellent state of preservation. These objects show that the locals were involved in long-distance trade with areas of today’s northern Germany, the Caucasus and other parts of Northern Europe. According to the researchers, these tombs are of great importance because in Romania there are not many necropolises from the Bronze Age that have been studied.

(after Institutul National al Patrimoniului & Balkan Insight)

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