High resolution survey of sunken Port Royal

Archaeologist investigate the sunken remains of pirate city of Port Royal, Jamaica, in order to produce a high resolution 3D model of the underwater ruins.

Underwater survey of Port Royal (by MSP Productions)

Port Royal was devastated by an earthquake in 1692. It was known as a haven for pirates to trade, drink and launch attacks. The earthquake captured Port Royal at its prime, sealing the state in which people lived in the city under the silt in Kingston Harbour. At present it is the only sunken city in the Americas and it was the English centre in the Caribbean in the 17th century. Researchers led by Jon Henderson from the University of Nottingham, conducted a survey to produce photorealistic 3D models of underwater remains. The site is actually covered in silt and redeposited coral, so all the remains are buried under about 2 to 3 metres of deposit, but the technology applied by the researchers allows to visualise the architecture hidden underneath.

Jon Henderson presenting part of the photogrammetric model of Port Royal (by MSP Productions)


Map of Port Royal (by MSP Productions)

(after MSP Productions & Notts TV)

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