Medieval graffiti discovered in Egyptian cave

Researchers discovered Medieval-era Arabic graffiti in a cave in the Red Sea governorate of Egypt. Part of the description contains the Islamic confession of faith “there is no god except Allah“.

Part of the graffiti with the confession of faith (by Ahram Online)

Researchers believe the cave was used as a rest house for pilgrims, traders and passengers who used it to protect themselves from the hot weather during their trips from Egypt to Mecca or Palestine. During their stay in the cave they carved graffiti on the walls, some of which remain while others have disappeared due to erosion. the texts are composed of two sections. The first reads: “there is no god except Allah” while the second reads: “god has returned the poor slave Youssef Bin Hatem Al-Shati to his family in 755 of Hegira. May god have mercy on him and his parents and all the Muslims. Amen”. The texts are believed to be unique for the region.

The graffiti found in the cave (by Ahram Online)

(after Ahram Online)

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