Over 30 ancient tombs discovered at Roman-period necropolis

Archaeologists uncovered 33 tombs at a necropolis dating back 2000 years during excavations prior to road construction in Turkey’s Uşak province.

The empty tombs (by Daily Sabah)

Various types of tomb monuments have been discovered so far. These include rock-cut arcosolia (arched niches), simple pit graves, shallow graves for lower classes and tombs that resemble a boat-like shape. Some of the shallow graves seem to have been destroyed by smugglers. Researchers did not find any human remains in the tombs. It is believed therefore they are symbolic tombs. Locals likely created these tombs for those whose remains could not be brought home during war. Historically, funeral ceremonies were held according to the religious beliefs of the era, leading the researchers to conclude that the tombs were likely erected for the purpose of such ceremonies.

(after Daily Sabah)

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