Remains of a 13th-century church unearthed during revitalisation works

Archaeologists working at a revitalisation project in Głogów, South-west Poland, uncovered remains of a church and monastery of St Stanisław that belonged to the Franciscans who settled in the city in mid 13th century.

Overview of the excavation site (by MDG via Region Fan)

Archaeologist uncovered remains of a Medieval main altar located within the church, a wall dating back to the 13th century that once divided the priest area from the secular. Researchers have also uncovered the whole line of the walls of the complex of structures, including the main church, its porch, tower, and chapels. The remains show consecutive phases of the church’s development throughout centuries. Among the bricks numerous valuable decorative details have been identified. The scheduled revitalisation of the boulevards along the Odra river is said to exhibit parts of the remains and allow pedestrians to learn about its history themselves.

Archaeologists at the site (by MDG via Region Fan)

(after MDG & Region Fan)

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