Ancient bone jewellery discovered at a megalithic site

Around 50 pieces of bone ornaments dating back 4000 years have been discovered in the village of Narmetta, Hyderabad, South India.

Bone ornaments found at the site (by The Hindu)

The jewellery is in form of bone plaques cut into a rhombus shape with round holes and circular engraving in the middle. Archaeologists believe that these are the first Prehistoric bone ornaments discovered so far in India. They have been found at a megalithic site dating back 2200 years, where the researchers unearthed one of the biggest capstones in the region, weighting 42 tonnes. The site contains a 2.95 metre high anthropomorphic menhir – an upright stone formed in a shape of a human. Archaeologists hope to analyse the bone ornaments to determine from which animal they came.

(after The Hindu)

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