Ancient temple collapses due to illegal digging

A 1200-years-old temple of Ganesha in Hooli near Saundatti, Karnataka, India, has collapsed due to illegal digging by treasure hunters.

Collapsed 9th cent. Ganesha temple due to illegal digging (by The New Indian Express)

The 9th century Chalukya-era Ganesha temple is said to have collapsed after treasure hunters dug up a pit beneath the structure during the night looking for gold. Local authorities state that they will try to rebuild the temple. An engineer has already visited the spot and will estimate the cost required to reconstruct the monument. The temples in the area are surrounded by stories about gold and diamonds being buried by kings underneath. Looting is a serious threat to these monuments, as treasure hunters dig holes being even 3 metres deep. Till date it was reported that the robbers have dug about 15 holes at different locations.

Hole dug by robbers in the temple later covered with stones by local villagers (by The New Indian Express)

(after The New India Express)

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