House of a garrison commander unearthed at Roman fort in Georgia

An international team of Polish and Georgian archaeologist working in the Roman military fort in Apsarsos, near Gonio, Georgia, uncovered a house with an inner courtyard with private baths and latrines, that is believed to belong to the garrison commander.

Remains of the courtyard (after Oskar Kubrak)

The house is located in the central part of the fort, which used to house over 500 Roman soldiers. They were stationed in barracks and divided between sleeping rooms for eight men. The soldiers also shared baths and latrines, with the exception of the commander, who lived in the central building together with his wife and servants.

Remains of the latrines (after Oskar Kubrak)

The traces of the house were uncovered in previous seasons, when the floor mosaic of the baths were uncovered, but were initially thought as being part of a larger bath complex for the soldiers. This turned this season as the bath turned to be a part of the private building. Archaeologists believe the house was a luxurious one, centred around a central courtyard, the peristyle. Moreover, the researchers have discovered a number of ancient Roman coins within the building.

(after Oskar Kubrak & Nauka w Polsce)

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