Metal writing tool discovered in ancient city of Assos

During excavation in the ancient city of Assos, Behramhale, Northeastern Turkey, a 1800-year-old writing tool has been unearthed. The tool, known as a stylus, is made of bronze and was used to write on wax tablets.

The ancient stylus used for writing (by Anadolu Agency Photo)

The bronze instrument has a point at one end and a flat edge at the other. It would have been used to write, take notes and make calculations on wax tablets used in ancient Greek and Roman times. The point was used for writing and the flat part was used to make corrections. The stylus was used by literate people, merchants, rich individuals who did their own own accounting, or educated slaves for their owners’ calculations or for certain notes. Bronze was used for creation of the tool as it was hard and difficult to break.

(after Daily Sabah & Anadolu Agency Photo)

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