Prehistoric cemetery with 4000-year-old burials discovered

Archaeologists excavating the Prehistoric cemetery site in Dzielnica, South Poland, unearthed several 4000-year-old graves among which was one of a presumed elite warrior.

One of the burials (by TVP3)

The grave of the young male contained many grave goods and jewellery, including ones made from bronze and copper. Archaeologist discovered many flint arrowheads on the cemetery, that indicate the individuals buried there must have been members of a hunter or warrior society using bows. On one of the skulls archaeologist discovered a trauma mark left by a blow of a blunt weapon. This suggests that the individuals must have been involved in combat during their lifetime. Among the individuals a presumed skeleton of a female, possibly a warrior as well was discovered, but the remains still need specialist analysis to confirm the sex.

Mark left by a blow with a blunt weapon to the skull (by TVP3)

During previous seasons, the researchers discovered numerous pottery pieces and a part of a female figurine, depicting the buttocks and waist. Archaeologists hope that further genetic, anthropological, and isotope analysis will reveal more information about the deceased and their lives.

Flint arrowhead found at the site (by TVP3)
Part of a female figurine (by TVP3)
Skull of the Prehistoric individual (by TVP3)
Pottery discovered at the site (by TVP3)

(after TVP3 & Aleksandra Kiereta)

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