Restoration works unearth 2900-year old warrior grave

Workers conducting restoration works at a historical building under Muzeinaya Street in Omsk, Russia, unearthed a well-preserved skeleton of a warrior that is believed to date back between 2700-2900 years.

The skeleton found on the site (by Channel12)

The remains of the individual dating back to the Bronze Age were discovered in a trench of a heating pipe made in the Soviet era. The skeleton is said to be well preserved and found together with various grave goods indicating that the individual was possibly a warrior. The researchers state that in his right hand he held a dagger, the blade pointing forwards or upwards, as if he was going to use it as a stabbing weapon, in the other hand he held a knife, blade down, as he was going to cut, dissect, cut ligaments and so on. Clearly, it is imitation of combat use of these weapon. A metallic eye patch or a badge covered one eye-socket of the skull. Spiral earrings, possibly made of tin or silver, were found by the remains as well.

Artefacts found in the grave (by NGS Novosti)

The researchers state that beside the skeleton, remains of five burials had been found, but the four others were destroyed. At the site archaeologists found a large number of well-preserved items, including weapons, jewellery, and other items made of bronze, dating back to the period of transition from the Bronze to the Iron Age. It is believed that other burial remains are likely to lie under the buildings on this site, but are not accessible at this time.

Overview of the grave (by Channel12)
Dagger found by the skeleton (by NGS Novosti)


(after The Siberian Times, NGS Novosti & Channel12)

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