Trove of Iron Age coins with stamped local names found

A hoard of silver and gold Iron Age coins were discovered by metal detectorists in Lincoln, United Kingdom. The coins pre-date the Roman invasion of Britain in 43 AD.

Some of the found coins (by The Lincolnite)

The hoard consists of 282 coins that were discovered with fragments of a pot in which they were probably stored. Many of the coins contain marks referring to the names of local rulers, such as Dumnocoveros, Tigirseno, and Volisios. These are considered some of the earliest personal names to be recorded in the region. The coins were discovered near an early Roman burial mound which must have contained the body of a very important individual. Archaeologists are now conducting a survey at the site of discovery in order to understand more about the location and the reasons why they were buried.

Picture of the trove (by The Lincolnite)
Selected coins (by The Lincolnite)

(after The Lincolnite)

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