3500-year-old tomb unearthed

Archaeologists uncovered a prehistoric tomb dating back 3500 years in Garbacz, near Waśniów, South-East Poland. The tomb contained fragments of bones and a peculiar vessel with a painting resembling a wagon.

Excavations at the site (by Radio Ostrowiec)

Archaeologist have picked the spot of excavations after information from the farmers that archaeological artefacts were being ploughed out during fieldwork. The site also was distinguished by a darker colour of the surrounding ground. During initial excavations, remains of a tomb were unearthed. It had a shape of a rhombus, and was paved with stones. The feature is rather poorly preserved but within the tomb pieces of bones were found and parts of a vessel with a painted decoration resembling a wagon. Researchers link the tomb with the Neolithic people of the Funnelbeaker culture, who lived for 8 centuries in the area. Archaeologists plan to return to the site next year, as the finds indicate that there might be more artefacts and possible human remains still below the ground.

(after Radio Ostrowiec)

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