800-year-old coffin broken by a child in museum

An ancient sarcophagus dating back 800 years was discovered damaged after a child was allowed to climb inside it by her parents at Prittlewell Priory Museum in Southend, Essex, United Kingdom.

The broken sarcophagus (by Emirates 247)

The staff of the Prittlewell Priory Museum was reportedly shocked to find the artefact broken. The accident was replayed on CCTV, showing how it crumbled to pieces. The artefacts is believed to date to 1921 and was completed with a skeleton.  According to the museum officials the sarcophagus is a very important artefact and historically unique object as there are not many artefacts known from the priory. A conservator was asked to fix the stone object after the incident.

(after Emirates 247)

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