Bronze Age cemetery discovered in Northern Poland

The first Bronze Age cemetery site in the region was discovered near Dobre Miasto, Northern Poland, as artefacts dating back to the 27th cent. BC were unearthed.

Artefacts discovered at the site (by Piotr Bułakowski & RMF FM)

The artefacts were discovered by a team of explorers who were looking for Soviet-Era artefacts. Instead they discovered archaeological artefacts dating back to the Bronze Age indicating the existence of a burial site. Archaeologists believe that the site is the first such site found in the region, with cremation burials containing weapons and jewellery, including objects made of bronze and gold. The artefacts provide evidence to possible existence of graves of elite individuals of the Bronze Age communities.

Spear head found at the site (by Piotr Bułakowski & RMF FM)

Among the artefacts are objects that originate from distant areas, such as a dagger that was made in the Pontic steppe area, a golden ornament in shape of a leaf that was made beyond the Carpathian range, and a couple of pins that were known so far from finds in countries West of Poland. it is believed that the objects were transported along the Amber Road. The artefacts are scheduled for analysis and conservation. The researchers who were notified by the metal detectorists will continue their research at the site next season.

Bronze axe head (by Piotr Bułakowski & RMF FM)

(after RMF24, Piotr Bułakowski & RMF FM)

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