Cellars of a brewery discovered at a construction site

Construction works of a four-star hotel near Singer Square in Lublin, South-East Poland, lead to the discovery of hundred-years-old cellars belonging to the brewery of the Vetter family.

Close-up of the cellars (by Spotted Lublin)

The remains of the brewery were found at the construction site of a four-star Hotel Focus. The brewery was built in the beginning of the 20th century and functioned until 1970s. The recent construction works unearthed the foundations and cellars of the building, which consist of arch-vaulted chambers and corridors. The local Heritage Office permitted the demolition of the uncovered walls as the former Vetter family brewery does not figure with the monuments registry. The investor’s statement was that at this stage of development it is not possible to change construction plans and redesign the existing schemes.

Overview of the site (by Spotted Lublin)

(after Spotted Lublin)

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