German ceremonial sabre found by detectorists

A team of explorers discovered a German ceremonial sabre and coins from the turn of the 20th century in a cache near Rogowo, North-West Poland.

German sabre found by the detectorists (by Grupa Eksploracyjno-Poszukiwawcza “Parsęta”)

The detectorists from the private association have unearthed some coins from the turn of  the 20th century at the site, which was previously known for a discovery of a Medieval axe. Researchers from the Muzeum w Koszalinie (Museum in Koszalin) have initially studied the ceremonial sabre and identified as a weapon carried by a Nazi German high ranking officer. Such ceremonial weapons were carried by Nazi officers until 1943 when their production was stopped. The scientists hope that there might be some inscription on the sabre, which will provide some further information about its owner and the context in which it was lost.

(after Grupa Eksploracyjno-Poszukiwawcza “Parsęta” & Historykon)

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