New finds at ancient Metsamor

A team of Armenian and Polish archaeologists has made new discoveries at Metsamor, Sout-West Armenia, uncovering graves and artefacts dating back to 8-6th centuries BC.

Excavations of ancient Metsamor (by Republic Radio of Armenia)

Archaeologists have unearthed graves, human skeletons, and metal tools working within the municipal territory of the Metsamor Castle, trying to establish changes which affected the area from the Late Bronze Age to the period of Achaemenid rule. According to Krzysztof Jakubiak, head of Polish archaeological team at the site, during the Early Iron Age Metsamor had been a city and was destroyed by the Urartians. At present the researchers are studying anthropological materials on site, while organic materials, such as charcoal and others, are to be analysed abroad in order to enrich te understanding of the influence of Argishti the First, king of Urartu (786-764 BC) and the later Urartians on Metsamor and its area.

(after Republic Radio of Armenia & Artsakhpress )

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