Petroglyph found in Norway dated back to Palaeolithic

The creation date of a boat petroglyph found in Norway’s Nordland Country has been estimated to 10000 to 11000 years ago.

Analysis of the petroglyph (by Jan Magne Gjerde, University of Tromsø, NTB scanpix)

The petroglyph was discovered by a retired geologist Ingvar Lindahl at Efjorden. The petroglyph was dated using estimates of the height of the water level against the rock on which it is carved. According to the researchers water levels in the region were higher during the Stone Age than they are today. The petroglyph depicts a boat which is a little over four metres long. The keel line can be seen with the railing line, which expands further, forming the boat’s bows. The researchers state that the petroglyph is possibly the oldest in the world depicting a boat.

(after The Local, Jan Magne Gjerde, University of Tromsø & NTB scanpix)

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