Time capsule with 19th-cent. documents discovered in a church

A time capsule containing documents dating back to 19th century was discovered during renovation works in a church located in Danków by Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Central Poland.

One of the found documents (by Emilia Sitarska & Radio Kielce)

The time capsule was located in the tower of a 18th century church. This part of the building was undergoing renovation works due to its worsening condition. The capsule contained two letters written by the organist named Jakub Ochocki, dated to 1867 and 1888. The letters contain information about the first renovation works that were conducted in the church. The current priests and workers are named. The letter dated to 1867 moreover mentions an epidemic of cholera that killed many people in Poland and flood caused by outpouring of the Vistula river, destroyed crops, and high prices of grain that followed.

(after Emilia Sitarska, Radio Kielce & TVP Info)

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