Two dead after throwing unexploded ordnance into fire

Two man, who found a piece of unexploded ordnance from World War 2 era decided to throw it into a fire in order to disarm it. One died at site of the explosion, the other passed away in the hospital after being severely injured.

Explosion site (by Podkarpacka Komenda Policji)

Two men, one 44 and other 42 years old have discovered the unexploded ordnance, possibly an armed artillery shell in a forest and brought it to the home of one of them. Into a fire lit around 30 metres from the nearby building, the object was thrown. The following explosion killed one of the men on sight, the other was severely injured, and later died in a hospital. Police inspecting the house discovered a collection of objects dating back to World War 2, including dog tags, helmets, bayonets, and shells emptied of explosive powder.

Site of the explosion (by Podkarpacka Komenda Policji)

(after Podkarpacka Komenda Policji & TVN24)

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