Byzantine sarcophagus cover found by construction workers

Construction workers in Gümüşhane, North Turkey, uncovered a lid of a sarcophagus covered with Greek writing. The artefact is said to date back to the Byzantine times.

The lid of the sarcophagus (by AA Photo)

The artefact was found by workers renovating the power distribution unit. The object is believed to be linked to the nearby ancient city of Satala. Researchers from the Gümüşhane Museum state that it is 1,407 years old and originates from Byzantine times, created around 610 AD. The 2-meter long cover contains a Greek inscription saying “Blessed Kandes sleeps here“. It is believed that the sarcophagus is still to be found under the ground. If the site was a necropolis, an important structure might be present near the place where the lid was discovered. Archaeologists speculate that there could have been a church near.

(after AA Photo & Daily Sabah)

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