Numerous finds from underwater survey around Naxos

Underwater research along the southern coast of Naxos, Greece, led to the discovery of various artefacts dating back to the Classical, Roman and Byzantine eras.

Underwater excavations at Naxos (by Tornos News)

Archaeologists from the Norwegian Institute of Athens and Ephorate of Old Antiquities systematically investigated the underwater area of southern Naxos, from Alyko to Panormo. The research is part of a three-year co-operative program. On the course of the research in the bay of Ag. Sozzontos archaeologists discovered  5 stone anchors and diagnostic samples of ceramics, such as a late-class amphora, anchors and anchor fittings, utilitarian vessels of classical era, an integral part of a post-Roman/Byzantine clay pipeline. In Andrios bay batteries and pottery shards from Roman and Late Roman times were found. Around 15 lithosphere tracks were found in Panormos, attesting to shiploads in the area. The finds of pottery suggest the use of the site mainly during the Roman and Late Roman periods. In Turkomspilia West of Akrotiri, Panormos, a new location with a rich pottery concentration was found containing mainly amphorae dating from the 1st century BC until late-Roman and Byzantine times.

(after Tornos News)

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