Prehistoric rock art found in South Egypt

Prehistoric rockart depicting animals has been uncovered in Subeira Valley near Aswan, South Egypt.

Ancient rock art (by Ahram Online)

Egyptian archaeologists surveying the desert of Subeira Valley discovered the rock markings which were engraved on sandstone rocks. The scenes depict groups of animals such as hippopotamuses, wild bulls and donkeys, as well as gazelles. Depictions of workshops for the production of tools and instruments are also shown. Researchers state that these markings are unique and rare in Egypt and that similar were previously uncovered at sites in Al-Qarta and Abu Tanqoura, north of Kom Ombo, South Egypt. During the whole survey 10 new sections of wall markings being around 15000 years old have been discovered.

Prehistoric wall markings (by Ahram Online)

(after Ahram Online)

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