Time capsule from 1934 opened

A time capsule from 1934, that was recently discovered within the parish church in Września, West Poland, was opened, revealing letters and documents inside.

Opening of the time capsule (by Muzeum Regionalne we Wrześni)

The capsule was found within a sphere located at the top of the parish church’s tower in Września. It was discovered during renovation works of the building. Within the time capsule the researchers have discovered coins, newspapers and two handwritten documents. One of the is in Latin and dates back to 1797, the other one is a letter from the parish rector from 1934. The letter tells of the crisis of 1930s, mass unemployment that occurred in Poland after World War I, and rising crime rates. The rector mentions also the renovation of the church and names the workers who participated in it.

One of the found letters (by Muzeum Regionalne we Wrześni)

The newspapers found within the capsule, Kurjer Poznański and Orędownik Wrześnieński, date to May 1934. They contain recent news, such as a theft of 40 Polish złoty, or recent arrests, advertisements for photo cameras, and newest developments in Police investigations. A decision on the fate of the time capsule has yet not been made. The officials might either display it in the local museum, either seal it again with new additions at the tower after the renovation works are completed.

A newspaper from 1934 (by Muzeum Regionalne we Wrześni)

(after Muzeum Regionalne we Wrześni & TVN24)

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