Wooden sculptures unearthed at a pre-Columbian city

Archaeologist discovered four wooden sculptures and other valuable artefacts at the pre-Columbian city of Chan Chan, West Peru.

One of the discovered wooden statues (by Andina)

The ancient artefacts were found lying on a funerary platform. Among the finds are four wooden statues – three male and one female – a sceptre, metal vessels, and remains of textiles. Archaeologists led by Cintia Cueva Garcia state that it is common to find wood figures at Chan Chan, but what matters is that one of the statues was found in a funerary context. This particular figurine was still partially buried at the time of the artefacts’ presentation to the public. Archaeologists and conservators were still working to bring the piece to the surface and to provide a contextual interpretation of the findings.

Archaeologists presenting discovered wooden statues (by Andina)

This particular figurine is said to measure  40 cm in height and is 20 cm wide. It seems to be a male figure holding a cup at chest height. His face is covered with white clay as a mask. The researchers believe that the figurines were used to mark tombs of important people. Archaeologists found metal vessels and a human remains alongside the sculpture that has not yet been unearthed. However, the discovery of a female figurine is considered as important and both very unusual and rare compared to previous discoveries.

Archaeologists presenting the artefacts (by Andina)

(after Andina)

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