Byzantine mosaic uncovered in mine clearance operation

An ancient Byzantine mosaic was uncovered East of Hama, Syria, during a Syrian Army mine-clearance operation.

The Byzantine mosaic (by Tornos News)

The discovery was made during a routine mine excavation the Syrian Engineering Corps. Syrian authorities for archaeology were contacted urgently and the process of professional excavation commenced. According to Syrian officials the mosaic consists of three panels, of which one contains a Greek inscription, while the other have bird and floral motifs. The floor pieces have been briefly translated by Syrian workers and are being moved after excavations to archaeological laboratories to fully clean and translate the piece. Additional pieces are going to be investigated to get a full picture on the floor. The Syrian Army is continuing its work to de-mine the rest of the area to allow further investigation. Translations have started on the structures and have revealed the connection to Saint Alexander and “the most respected bishop Evangelus“. In addition to the three mosaics, a team of archaeologists uncovered the foundations of a church nearby. At this point it is believed that the place of the discovery might be in fact the site of a larger religious building.

(after Tornos News)

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