Comb with runic writing unearthed

A comb with a runic inscription of the word “comb” has been uncovered during excavations of a Viking Age market place in Ribe, Denmark,

The comb (by Søren Sindbæk)

The artefact was discovered during excavations of a small house that was known to have been a bronze foundry. According to archaeologist Søren Sindbæk the comb is expertly crafted and there are not many finds of its kind. It was difficult to decipher the text as both ends were missing. Archaeologists do not know how big the original piece would have been, or in what context it was used. The text lacks certain features, which mark the beginning and end of each word. The runes were clearly etched by a steady hand with detail indicative of an experienced engraver.

Runes making the word “comb” (by Søren Sindbæk)

(after Søren Sindbæk & Science Nordic)

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