Huge Roman pithos discovered by a farmer

A farmer discovered a 2000-year-old Roman pithos in his field in Doğanşehir, Malatya, Turkey.

Discovery of the jar (by DHA Photo)

The pithos – a large jar, was discovered by the farmer as he was watering his garden. The man immediately informed officials from the Malatya Museum Directorate. Archaeologists launched excavations at the site in order to uncover the vessel without damaging it. According to Museum director Levent İskenderoğlu, the pithos was made out of earthenware and was most likely used to store grain and foodstuff. The vessel measures 135 centimetres in height and 92 centimetres in diameter. According to the researchers it is the largest and most intact artifact of its kind discovered in the region.

The discovered jar (by DHA Photo)

(after Daily Sabah & DHA Photo)

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