Nazca lines damaged by truck driver

A driver accidentally drove through one of the the ancient Nazca lines in Peru, a UNESCO World Heritage site, damaging parts of the geoglyphs.

Damage done by the truck (by Peruvian Ministry of Culture)
Entering the area is strictly prohibited due to the fragility of the soil around the lines, and access is only allowed wearing special foam-covered foot gear. According to the statement of the Peruvian Ministry of Culture, the driver ignored warning signs as he entered the Nazca archaeological zone. The truck left deep prints in an area approximately 100 meters long, damaging parts of three straight lined geoglyphs. Security guards detained the driver and filed charges against him at the local police station. The Nazca lines have been damaged in recent years twice: in September 2015 a man was detained after he entered the site and wrote his name on one of the geoglyphs, and in December 2014, Greenpeace activists set up large letters beside one of the designs, known as the Hummingbird.
(after Peruvian Ministry of Culture, Newsweek & PhysOrg)

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