Roman ruins found under illegally demolished house

Roman-period ruins have been discovered under a house that was a subject of an illegal demolition in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Overview of the site (by The Sofia Globe)

The house stood at the corner of Plovdiv’s Tsar Assen and Georgi Mihov Dimitrov streets. It was demolished illegally because it was protected by cultural preservation laws. The Roman ruins are thought likely to be homes that were on the outskirts of Philippopolis – the Roman town that existed at the place of modern Plovdiv. The site is said to be very close to the city walls of the Roman city. The owner of the house was fined with about 2500 Euro fine and ordered to preserve what was left of the house, but currently only one corner and two windows remain of it.

Roman ruins found in Plovdiv (by The Sofia Globe)

(after The Sofia Globe)

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