Three horses found in a burial mound

Archaeologists discovered a burials of three horses during excavations of the Kurgan of Abellou in East Azerbaijan Province, North-West Iran.

Burial of a horse (by Islamic Republic News Agency)

The horse burials were found on the northern side of the mound and outside the main grave. Mohammad Faizkhah, head of the archaeological team, states that initially two intact burials were discovered under a layer of stones and dirt. Of the third skeleton only the skull and part of the hip and thigh bones were unearthed, as the rest is located under another mound, which was left for another season of excavations. Moreover, archaeologists discovered a burial of a dog under the stomach and between the legs of the second horse. According to the researchers most parts of its skull and jaw have been broken and almost crushed, but the teeth are in good condition.

(after Islamic Republic News Agency)

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