Archaeologists uncover Prehistoric ringfort

Excavations in Mikulin,  South-East Poland, revealed the existence of a ringfort dating back 6000 years.

Excavations at Mikulin (by Kronika Tygodnia)

The excavations started in 2016 and were aided by a surface survey and magnetic measurements encompassing the area of 50 hectares. The research involved scientists from various scientific centres and fields, including anthropologists, archaeobotanists, archaeozoologists, geomorphologists, and geophysicists. A large settlement of the The Lublin-Volhynian Culture, dating back to between 3800-3600 BC. The settlement is located on an elevated are at the Huczwa river. It was surrounded by fortifications, including a fortified ditch.

(after Kronika Tygodnia)

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