Customs officers reveal smuggle of gold coins

Routine check at the Lublin Airport, East Poland, revealed a smuggle attempt of historic gold coins by a US citizen heading for Munich, Germany.

The golden coins (by KAS)

The women who was smuggling the coins was remembered by the Customs officer as a couple of days earlier she was asking about regulations concerning collections of antique coins. She was noticed and selected for personal search. Her luggage was scanned by x-rays and a collection of coins was revealed inside. The search allowed to uncover  gold coins: a 10 US dollar coin from 1881, 1 British sovereign from 1908, 10 Austro-Hungarian krone from 1912, 5 Russian rubles from 1900 and 10 Russian rubles from 1911. The value of the coins is estimated for over 1400 euro.

Scan of the luggage with the coins (by KAS)

(after Lublin112 & KAS)

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